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Literary Services

Jim Bryson

Editor at large, author et alii.

Photographed here with his lifelong business partner, wife, and corporate intermediary, Jacqueline.

Jim likes to work on large white boards, publish meaningful books, and enjoy walks along The Potomac.

Connect with Jim
What we do

Whether it's an idea you want to see in print, or a manuscript refined, we're ready.
Bring us your message and we can make it beautiful.

The typical process.

There are only so many books that we have time to take on.
That being said, depending on what stage your manuscript or heap of notes is in, we can get your books in hands, on shelves, and throughout the web.

Reach out to me and schedule some time to talk about your message and what we could do with your vision.

Some of the books we have delivered.
Unlocking the Jounal of My Heart
The Gospel of The Kingdom
Relational Athority
Courts of Heaven
The Christian Entrepreneur
The Real Deal

We learn your entire message, so we can create the best delivery for you.


Jim is always writing. And when he's not writing he's giving lectures and holding workshops on writing.

Writing and editing are companion processes at Spring Mill. Jim tends to connect to your audience through story in his authored works and is also well practiced with writing scholarly works as well. He even enjoys the occasional biographical work, if there's a message to be had.

Pagination, Publishing, and Promotion

We layout your book so it looks good on all platforms. We are experienced delivering through Amazon Services and with independent publishing houses. We can even help advertise your works with online campaigns.


The first letter of a chapter, the location of the page number, the font, for Kindle and on paper. We make sure your design looks great everywhere.


We typically publish using Amazon's on-demand-print service and to their Kindle platform. We can provide digital distributions as well.


We can promote your book on Google, YouTube, Carbon, etc. We can launch ad campaigns to pull in the audience you're going after.

Contact Me

Do you have a project you'd like to talk about? Please send me a letter.